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About Me

     Welcome to my website + my life!! This is where I mostly spend my time when I'm not working at my preschool job or at school trying to get my degree. I am a senior at Mizzou & in the process of earning my degree in early childhood education. 


     Before choosing anyone as your photographer you should probably get to know who they are first! So here goes: 


     Photography is my passion and I am determined to make this business a successful one. My main goal as a photographer is to make my customer happy and to treat them as family. This means that even if I am not the right photographer for you, I will lead to a great one. I go to school for early childhood so therefore I am still constantly learning and trying to improve my photography. 

     I am from St. Louis, but know my way around almost every part of Missouri so-to-say. I am excited to travel anywhere to grow my clientele and just to practice my photography as well as serve others. 

      My favorite things in the whole entire world are bonfires with my friends and family, warm chocolate chip cookies, a good shopping spree, and barbeque. 

I hope you choose me to help you through your experience of a photographic session. I will do my best to make you comfortable and to treat you as if we have been friends for a long time! I hope that we meet soon!